About Amit Gaur

Living in the Community

Working in the Community

Invested in the Community

Amit Gaur, graduate of University of Victoria, moved to Parksville to work at Stanford Place, where he continues to work full time. Passionate about serving his community, Amit has been quite involved in volunteering for the Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers and as Beach Fest Ambassador. Currently, he is a strata council member with the Oceanview Condos in Parksville.

Amit enjoys playing tennis at the Community Park, running, taking nature walks and exploring the natural outdoors of Parksville and Vancouver Island.

Amit brings motivation, enthusiasm and a deep desire to serve the community of Parksville. His motto is Putting Community First and he wants to serve as a council member who actually listens to the members of the community he represents.

Watch my two part interview with Heather Ranson from University of Victoria: